It’s. About. Time.

Remember the expression “time is money”? As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve often wondered what motivated me to launch so many ventures? Besides money, is there some common theme that tied everything together? If I’m permitted the hubris to compare with Musk (energy, environment, off-world expansion); or, Gates (computer on every desk); or Bezos (the everything store) – what was behind my itch to keep starting anew?

It’s about time. My common thread in business is the desire to save time for people. I started with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to quickly compress the time between survey entry and results reporting [R F Enterprises].

Once the Internet picked up a bit of speed, I launched “OpenVenue” (online surveys and polling – a precursor to Survey Monkey) to bypass the need to re-enter the surveyed data, (cannibalizing your own business may not be a great move, but I’ve always believed in pivoting when a better idea came along!) By having respondents key in right online, I was saving time by cutting out the scanning and data entry.

I then doubled down on the Web by introducing “OnDelivery” to cut food ordering times, by skipping past the need to phone them in [yes, my website names were awesome – just more proof I was too early to market]. At the time, patrons couldn’t use the phone at the same time they were connected with their modem, but with OnDelivery the orders they placed online were then faxed to the nearest store (it was the 90’s).

My common thread in business is the desire to save time for people.

Fast forward to 2021 and my latest venture: AIPEX Technologies, is designed to hunt for new NASDAQ stocks to trade with 100% autonomy. In the lab, with a dozen computers, AIPEX now trades 100 positions at a time, during market hours. It has the capability of 5 professional traders (handling roughly 20 positions, each). The time saved is significant (162.5 hrs/wk) and with a relatively minimal boost to computing horsepower, the lab can match a small trading floor watching over 300 stock positions (emulating roughly 15 traders).

With AIPEX, it’s easy to see the obvious benefits and miss the hidden gems. Sure, it cuts out the salary & commission cost of the human trader, but it also trims the cost of their weaknesses: fear, greed, incompetence, and malevolence – which all get in the way of successful “rules-based” trading. Only a computer can perfectly execute the rules (even if the rules aren’t perfect to begin with – but that’s a whole other discussion).

AIPEX also saves time for the quant [the person coding the algorithms to trigger the trades]. It took years to devise a “pseudo-code” that can take just a few formulas and translate them into the thousands of lines of structured programming required to trade the quant’s strategy. I’ve written the equivalent of 300,000 lines of code in 30 days. It’s tested, debugged, and trading the markets right now; and any other outfit that uses “coders” to write these algorithms in their native computer language would need a team of 5 and 6 months to finish my work. AIPEX cut my programming time down from 30 months to 30 days.

Through Syngenuity and the Remote Management Service it offers, if you wanted to research and implement everything we recommend, you would need years to test, compare and compile the right backup utilities; cloud conduit software; anti-virus / malware / ransomware; remote updating software and remote assistance and VPN connectivity software. I’ve happily spent tens of thousands of dollars buying, assessing, and – yes, returning – so many programs (according to their return policies, of course), that 5 years would be a reasonable estimate of the time spent curating all the software used in Syngenuity’s RMS program.

Then, there’s my experience: if you’ve lived in front of a screen for as long as I have, you get a ‘sixth sense’ about what problems a computer presents. And when I don’t have answers, my experience tells me where to look on the Web (knowing how to find stuff is more than half the battle!) I can cut to the chase quickly because I’ve already “been there / done that”.

we practice what we preach

And finally, Syngenuity’s preventative maintenance policy: “a stich in time, saves nine” involves our knowing where to look for telltale signs of computer wear: (CPU load / hard drive heat, storage use / high memory use), or antivirus activity (within email or specific drive locations), or other system event issues; understanding why you may have trouble finding information you’re looking for, or why your speed seems degraded under certain conditions or times and knowing how to fix those problems quickly. Behind the scenes, we may be responding to an event on your computer before it becomes a problem. When finished, we report back while you continue with little disruption. And that’s how we like to keep things running [with no time lost] on our own machines: we practice what we preach.

Even though you can’t see it or hold it, time is the most precious thing you have. And, if my common thread in business is ‘saving time’ – especially during a pandemic – I can’t think of a more timely solution!

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”


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