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As the founder of Syngenuity, the first thing I want you to know is that I love working with computers! And it makes me genuinely happy to see the joy on people I’ve helped over the years. Ironically, the less I hear from them, the more I know that things are just “working” and they have far fewer problems now: it’s smooth sailing through our preventative Remote Monitoring Services. I guess I’m looking forward to not hearing from them in the future. 😉

I’m Rob Fleischmann and I started coding at twelve. It was in the 70’s, about a decade before the Arpanet ushered in its cousin, the Internet. It was early days on the Web, when “social media” meant newsgroups, bulletin boards and IRC (Internet Relay Chat), and a fast 10Mbps to the World Wide Web had to be networked through banded ISDN over copper phone lines. I know this because I had dozens of data entry staff and we were transmitting scanned images of surveys to New Delhi to outsource the work we couldn’t capture through OCR (Optical Character Recognition). I was in my twenties and it was long before Thomas Friedman declared: “The World Is Flat”.

No matter what business I’ve run, information management was at its core. And even with a full client roster, my expected role as “family tech support” was even more rewarding. So naturally, when COVID-19 locked us all in our homes, I decided to extend my reach a little further to help those mired in technology!

Syngenuity is the combination of Synergy & Ingenuity, the two elements I believe essential to survive & thrive in the world of “high tech”. To be an expert in this field, you need to think on your feet to come up with timely solutions – because downtime is lost time.

I’m now in my 50’s, and I run a proprietary A.I. lab to automatically trade the stock market by computer. It’s the culmination of decades of work and it’s a pleasure to watch a dozen servers handle the trade flow of a small hedge fund. And with its automation, I’m free to build Syngenuity to help others.

If your tech gear isn’t at top tier, we’ll help you get there.

We’ll treat your I.T. like it’s our own: Whether you work at home with a couple of computers, or you have a small office or clinic with several workstations and file servers.