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about your system setup
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working as you’d hoped


is the environment configured to meet your needs, backups, and antivirus setup?


enhancements or changes we think would help you the most


system backups, updates
and malware protection
24 / 7 / 365

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Remote Monitoring Services

Updating: We take care of all your system patches each month, keeping your O/S & software up-to-date.

Malware: We include industry recognized anti-virus & ransomware and monitor all activity on your systems.

Backups: We ensure that your backups have your back. Whether it’s a USB-tethered disk; Network Addressable Storage (NAS) or Cloud backup. We protect what’s dear to you: family pictures / video, customer / contract / patient data, all the time and effort you put into your digital life.

Issues: System events are warning signs of hardware or software issues that need attention. We monitor these events, ensuring that “what you don’t see won’t hurt you”.

We monitor 24/7: while your system is connected to the Internet. We update, repair and report while you’re away. Our proactive services will keep you up and running, and worry-free. That’s RMS!

All above billed for home or business per user/mo.

Contracted annually with discounts for pre-payment.

Ask us about repair & remote training services.


Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve used the services of Syngenuity for the past year and am very satisfied with the prompt and efficient service provided. Rob Fleischmann is known to me for some years and is very knowledgeable in his field, I highly recommend him.

Joseph L


About a year ago, I hired Syngenuity to address my long-standing computer issues.  The results have been remarkable.  Instead of suggesting a new computer – which had seemed likely to me- they analysed the problems I had been having with unreliability and speed, made changes which were very effective and not costly, and gave my computer a new life.  As well, responses to any subsequent needs have been quick.  With Syngenuity overseeing my computer I feel very secure.  Their work is thoughtful, well researched and sensitive to my requirements.  I recommend them highly.

Walter C


It’s the equivalent of having an invisible magic wand that optimizes your computer function! Dedicated, patient and knowledgeable, the team at Syngenuity is invaluable to my business operation. No more updates gone wild, memory issues or fear of crippling virus attacks. Rob and his team provide peace of mind through exceptional customer service.

Jackie F


Syngenuity offers a unique service for these unique times. We’ve rarely needed an onsite visit, yet our systems are kept up-to-date and backups are maintained. They’ve installed an anti-virus solution which is monitored 24/7 – it’s like having our own ‘in-house’ I.T. department. As soon as we signed on, they came into our network and assessed our systems, implementing an interim backup solution to ensure we were safe, then they recommended a more robust backup for our entire network, which allows us to maintain an offsite copy of everything (something we’ve never had before). Syngenuity offers complete peace of mind through their decades of computer experience. Until now, we haven’t found anything that comes close to their Remote Monitoring Service, and at a time when everyone seems ‘socially distanced’, it’s great to have them nearby.

John Drake

London, Ontario

Patient, Persevering and Professional – Syngenuity in a nutshell! They are one of a kind in their ability to listen, understand and explain what the problem(s) in the computer are, and proceed to fix them as they connect to your computer is amazing to watch! They have over 25 years of experience in systems and software. And they’ve been pleasant, warm and caring: understanding of the frustrations of clients who are tired of dealing with a machine when something is amiss. They are born teachers and they take joy is explaining what the problem is and the challenge ahead to repair it. Syngenuity has worked with/for me for many years and I highly recommend them to you.

Esther H


Syngenuity has been servicing my computers/laptops in my home, my office, and my winter residence in the US, for several years now. The nature of these computers/laptops is that frequently there arises a problem/glitch, usually at the most inopportune time. This is where they have been invaluable, because not only are they knowledgeable, but they’re available during the proverbial “24 / 7” time, just a phone call away, and has been able to fix the problem without delay and fuss. Frankly, I do not know how I could handle these pesky computers/laptops, without the services of Syngenuity – they have truly been my saviour in this respect!



Syngenuity rebuilt my computer and installed software and security. I can now access my programs speedily, without worrying about losing data or missing deadlines. They are professional and savvy in all manner of computer technology. My system is monitored remotely, so I am worry free.

Partrica S


Special Services

Deduplication: Do you have a myriad of pictures, movies or music that needs to be sorted through and de-duplicated? You would be surprised at the disk space you could save!

Digitization: Do you have dozens of CD’s or DVD’s that you’re looking to digitize to access through your computer? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to stream your library to everyone else in your home? Just ask.

Cold Storage: Those home videos and pictures are priceless. Are they scattered on other devices? Some are in the cloud; others are on your PC, iPad, phone? We can keep a full copy offsite to our secure, long-term storage facility, providing delayed access retrieval whenever you need.

Automation: Do you have tasks that you carry out with some frequency? You print a report on Mondays and fax it? You FTP data or upload info to a special login? You email work updates to people if/when they ask for them? We can automate to your amazement.

Web Research: Are you looking for all the contacts from an association or website you belong to? Need a document summarized? We can play fetch.

Hardware: Are you on the fence about buying your next computer? You’ll be surprised at how we can speed up your current machine. We’re just as happy to help find your next “rig”; even build you a killer server or storage array! We’ll always shoot straight, give you options, and advise based on your vision and needs.

Time = money Information = power

Your PC should save time and protect information.

Hands-on Help

Assistance: We can help with those arcane functions on Word, Excel, or Outlook. Let us show you how, by sharing your screen.   It’s like having your own personal tutor sitting right there with you!

We get I.T.

Remote Monitoring Services

Introducing a safer, faster
and more efficient use of technology,
while saving you time and money
along the way.

( We take care just like we’re there! )